How to Conduct Effective Performance Appraisals

Most managers feel uncomfortable about conducting performance appraisals, while their employees often view them as a form of punishment.  That’s because in many environments, appraisals are primarily used to determine pay increases, who gets let go, or who gets promoted.  They tend to focus largely on what people have done wrong, while downplaying, or even ignoring, their successes.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This workshop shows participants how to prepare for and conduct performance appraisals that focus on what the employee has done well, the barriers that have prevented the employee from achieving greater success, and how the manager and employee can work together in the future to improve the employee’s overall performance.

In this workshop, participants learn how to:
* Plan performance appraisals that are

   performance-based and growth-

* Use 11 key principles for conducting

   performance appraisals
* Develop a strategic follow-up plan
* Deal effectively with poor  


* Use a template (provided) for

   planning and conducting an effective
   performance appraisal

Class time: 3 hours

Creating a Responsible Workplace - the Role of Leaders

When employees feel personally responsible for their team's success,
extraordinary results are the norm.  Responsible employees are more
engaged and productive.  They willingly accept accountability for producing
results and continually look for ways in which they can improve their performance.  Every organization has at least a few such employees; the challenge for leaders is how to foster and maintain this attitude in everyone else!

This workshop shows managers and leaders how to create an environment
in which employees choose to be responsible and eagerly accept accountably
for their behavior and performance. 

In this workshop, participants learn:
* The differences between management

   and leadership and why "leadership" is
   needed to create a culture of

* The importance of establishing trust

   within an organization, how to tell when

   trust  has been lost, and 7 ways to rebuild

* How to foster greater commitment and

   ownership in any employee.
* The secret to incrementally "training"

   employees to accept more demanding

* Seven key strategies to encourage

   employees to take personal responsibility

   for the team's success.

Class time: 3 hours

How to Outwit, Outplay, & Outlast the Stress in Your Life!

It has long been suspected that in our modern, fast-paced society, the mind and body take a beating from chronic stress.  Now science is able to verify  the negative effects of stress in several key areas including heart disease, memory loss, gum disease, depression, weakened immunity, and weight gain.  This workshop helps participants to better manage the stress in their lives for better physical and emotional health.

Among the topics covered are:
* How stress harms us physically and

* The impact of stress on different

   personality types
* 21 ways to prevent stress and


* 12 techniques to reduce and/or

   eliminate stress when feeling

*Self-administered tests to help

   participants determine their current

   stress levels, how well they handle

   stress, and their individual stress


Class time: 3 hours