Public Speaking.  The Book of Lists rates it as the number one fear in America -- ahead of snakes, spiders, flying -- even death!  Yet, the man or woman who can confidently stand up in front of a group of people and persuade them to take action is the envy of millions! There can be no doubt: To rise to the top in any field, you must be an outstanding public speaker.  It is simply the single most important, most marketable skill in today’s business world!

Regardless of how intelligent you are or how much you’ve already accomplished, the difference between success and failure in life -- between advancement and stagnation in your career -- depends on your ability to communicate effectively.  Without exception, what you say and how you say it determines how people evaluate you!

Now you can invest in yourself and in your future by attending this intensive one-day Public Speaking Boot Camp designed for people who want to become dynamic public speakers!

This powerful hands-on workshop is a  “must “ for men and women who are:

  • Managers and supervisors
  • Salespeople
  • Team leaders
  • Trainers
  • Public relations reps
  • Company spokespersons
  • HR Professionals
  • External consultants
  • Office professionals
  • And anyone else who needs to be able to present their ideas to others in a powerful and persuasive manner!

Who should not attend:  If you’re the type of person who’s content with being an “okay” or “average” speaker, this Boot Camp is definitely not for you.  If you don’t have an open mind or want to learn the latest presentation techniques and strategies that have been tested with spectacular results, it would be best not to attend!

 But if you're a professional who understands the business value (and the personal satisfaction) that comes from knowing how to inform, motivate, entertain and persuade an audience, continue reading to learn more about this comprehensive training!


Dear Friend,

Have you ever wished you could walk into a roomful of people, step up to the microphone and, with no hesitation, clearly and confidently express your ideas in a way that makes everyone sit up and take notice?  Did you ever wish you had the ability to inspire an audience and move them to action with the power of your words and the impact of your delivery?  Have you ever imagined the difference such an ability could make both in your professional career and in your personal life? 

It shouldn't surprise you that you're not alone in that dream.  There are countless millions just like you who long to become capable and successful presenters.  The difference between all of them and you is that you now have the opportunity to take a giant step towards making your dream a reality!

My name is Morris Taylor.  I'm the Owner and President of Talisman Training Associates and I specialize in training professionals in the skills of leadership and communication.  After spending many years working "in-house" for large corporations and colleges around the country, 12 years ago I began offering one open-enrollment "presentation skills" workshop each year.  That two-day workshop, known as the "Public Speaking Boot Camp," has consistently received high praise from everyone who's participated, and since then several companies have asked me to conduct identical sessions for their employees within their facilities. 

In recent years many full time professionals have expressed interest in attending, but found it difficult to take two full days off from their jobs.  In response to many such requests, I've designed this comprehensive one-day Boot Camp.  In eight hours, we'll cover the most essential and high-impact information in a fast-paced format that I guarantee will measurably increase your confidence and skills as a presenter!

Here’s just some of the knowledge you’ll gain and practice in this hands-on, information-packed seminar:

  • 10 Techniques to dramatically reduce your nervousness when speaking before a group – you’ll remain clearheaded and come across as “caland confident.”
  • How to enhance your credibility with gestures, posture, and voice techniques that establish you as an authority. 
  • A six-step process for organizing a persuasive presentation that covers every possible       objection in advance. 
  • How to develop powerful openings that instantly capture an audience’s attention. 
  • How to increase and maintain the receptivity of an audience. 
  • How to effectively use visual aids -- including overheads, flipcharts and PowerPoint  

          presentations -- to add greater impact to your message. 

  • Techniques for conducting a question and answer session that strengthen your initial  


  • How to handle hostile questions and comments from the audience 
  • Several ways to add natural humor to your presentations.
  • A simple formula to deliver an effective extemporaneous presentation.

 You’ll learn all this and much more in The Public Speaking Boot Camp!

Think about it.  What's it worth to you to feel confident every time you get up to speak in front of an audience of your peers, potential customers, or members of upper management (not to mention your family and friends)?

How much more influential and persuasive could you be in your current position?  What future opportunities are available to you in your chosen field if you can gain the reputation of being an informative, polished and sought-after speaker?  How many more doors might open for you
if you could consistently demonstrate a level of competence and expertise that most people only imagine?

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s impossible to put a price on returns like this. But they’re totally achievable, and you can expect them when you take part in this intensive workshop.

                                                                Plan now to attend 

                         The Public Speaking 

                           Boot Camp

                           Date:  2018 date TBD.  Please check back!
                          Time:  8 AM - 5 PM
                   Location:  TBD

                           Reservations must be made in advance as enrollment is

                                                                   strictly limited.
                               To be sure to receive future updates, call 847-546-0789, 

                                                                         or email



With the knowledge and experience you'll gain in this Public Speaking Boot Camp, you’ll be able to:

  • Speak to any size group with poise and confidence - no more white knuckle


  • Deliver polished talks that enhance your professional image in front of peers and upper


  • Lead important business meetings that give you greater visibility and make you stand


  • Create persuasive presentations that clearly identify you as "the expert"
  • Emcee high-profile programs and social events
  • Represent your company at external events and functions
  • Give an extemporaneous talk that sounds like you practiced for hours

 You won't find another public speaking program that covers as much critical information in one day anywhere.  I know because I tried. If this type of training had been available 20 years ago, I would have willingly paid three times the price and saved myself from having to learn all of this in bits and pieces -- one small nugget, one book, one seminar, and one coach at a time.  Now you can get all of this information at one time, in one place... and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed! 


                                                Comments from participants in previous 

                                           one and two-day Public Speaking Boot Camps:

     “Boot Camp was informative and presented in such a way that I will be able to continuously      improve my speaking ability in all areas of my life.  Great stuff!”
     - A. Franz, TTX Company

      “Iloved everything about it!”
     - H. Cione, TTX Company

    "I spent four years in college and didn't learn as much as I did within the 16 hours I spent at      this 'Boot Camp'.  I strongly believe that this boot camp should be mandatory for all  

     managers.  It is the best value for the investment you make in your career."
     - Claudine Daley, Roosevelt University administrator

     "The individual critiques were invaluable!  Doing two presentations in one day is a great      

     opportunity to focus on specific improvements."
     - S. Kennedy, Moraine Valley Community College

     "There are no longer any 'gray' areas in my perception of  public speaking techniques.      

     Morris knows everything there is to know, and gives it all to those wise enough to

     sign up for his boot camp."
     - Jill Wright, Northwestern University administrator

     "Iwanted to inform you of my progress in public speaking. This morning I gave a 15 minute

     presentation in front of approximately 20 people.  I was awesome!  The Public Speaking

     Boot Camp  I attended last year helped to improve my skills and gave me more confidence

     when I am in front of an audience...  Who knows, maybe someday I will become a 
     motivational speaker!!!  Adventures continue to surround me and I am enjoying the ride."
     - B. Curry, EFS Bank

     “You had great insights into how to deliver and prepare a presentation.  The hint at the end      is worth the cost of the course.”
     - G. Schwebemeyer, ITW Industrial

     “Morris proved himself a master of the trade…  Thank you so much for sharing your skills.”
     - K. Taylor, Sargent & Lundy, LLC

     “(The) Instructor knows the subject and makes it very interesting and has great enthusiasm. 

     Humor in his lectures is definitely a plus!”
     - D. Taerbaum, Allstate Insurance Company

     “I loved everything.  I hate that I can only be here for one day.  I would love for my company      to have this training for all the employees.”
     - S. Taylor, After School Matters

     "I feel much more confident about having to give a presentation.  I now have the tools. "
     - K. McGrath, TTX Company

     “Although I was nervous, videotaping did help me see what areas I need to improve on  

     when presenting.”
     - F. McCreary, ITW Industrial

     “Great workshop!”
     - B. Ruffin, Prudential Real Estate

     "At first I was nervous, because I was scared to speak in large groups. The group was  

     perfect in size and that made it easier to feel more comfortable."
     - E. Vasquez, Allstate Insurance Company

     "The one day Public Speaking Boot Camp was definitely time well spent.  It was a very

     empowering experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who has the

     slightest degree of hesitancy to speak in front of a small group or large audience."
     - S. White-Vicks (participant in Boot Camp conducted in-house for TTX Co.)

     "This is one of the most beneficial classes I have ever attended.   I will use what I learned

     today for the next 30 years."
     - B. Corcoran (participant in Boot Camp conducted in-house for TTX Co.)

     "I really enjoyed the workshop.  Talking about how to be a better speaker is one thing, but    

     by incorporating the audience to participate really shows an improvement in everyone."
     - J. Hooper, ITW

     “It was worth every penny and minute.”
     - S. Quadri, URS Corporation

The above people were just like you!  Deep down they knew they could become better speakers if they could find the right training -- and they did!  Now so can you!  Don’t let any more opportunities pass you by simply because you lack confidence or experience as a presenter and speaker!  Take the first step today towards becoming an effective, dynamic, and confident public speaker!

Call now to register, 847-546-0789, or email!

“Okay – So What’s The Cost For This Invaluable Training Opportunity?”

As a public speaking instructor and coach, I work primarily with large corporations and businesses. When I conduct  an in-house ‘boot camp’ style training for one of these
clients, my minimum charge for a small group is $3,275 a day -- and that's quite a bit less than many of my competitors charge for similar programs that are far less comprehensive and content-rich.  When I’m asked to work one-on-one in coaching individuals, my rate is $285/hour with a minimum commitment of three hours, i.e., $855. 

I began offering my open enrollment Public Speaking Boot Camp 12 years ago because I realized that a lot of the people who wanted this training and could benefit most from it didn’t always work for large organizations that fully understood the value of these skills, and many of these same individuals simply couldn’t afford my one-on-one coaching fees.  I wanted to be able to offer to these people the same high-quality training but at a cost they could afford.  As a professional trainer I knew I couldn't give this information away for next to nothing because I know how valuable it can be in the hands of the right people, but I also wanted to make it a bargain for anyone who was serious about increasing their career options and enhancing every facet of both their professional and personal lives. 

So let me ask you:  If I said you could get more than eight hours of professional instruction for significantly less than half of what you’d pay for four hours as one of my coaching
students, would that be a good deal?  Eight hours of instruction covering every aspect of presentation creation and delivery, including two individual video tapings and professional critiques, plus four hours of additional audio and written self-study materials to take home and continue sharpening your skills -- are you the type of person who would get excited about such an opportunity?  I hope so -- because that's exactly what I'm offering!

To make this training as accessible as possible to anyone who understands its value and is serious about becoming an effective and confident speaker, I'm offering the one-day Public Speaking Boot Camp for only $499!  ( See special early enrollment discount below!)

In so many ways this is a minor investment when you consider all you have to gain from this training program.  And to make this training as comprehensive  and complete as possible, there's even more...

In addition to the expert classroom sessions, to further enhance your training experience and ensure that you have everything you need to continue your development as a speaker even after the Boot Camp is over, you'll also receive the following 10 free bonuses:

  • The CD program, "How to Master Your Fear of Public Speaking!" This forty-five minute    

         recording clearly explains why people get nervous (it's probably not what you think!) and  

         provides real-world tips and techniques for reducing and even eliminating nervousness.

  • Special Report #1: “How to Give an Effective Extemporaneous Speech.”  A simple yet

         effective step-by-step process to help you think on your feet – fast!

  • Special Report #2:  “How to Read Prepared Text Like a Pro (and not sound like you’re


  • Special Report #3:  "20 Tips to Improve Your Next PowerPoint Presentation."  The do's and don'ts for using PowerPoint in a way that enhances your message without boring (or

          irritating) your audience!

  • A quick-reference guide for handling the 11 most common types of troublemakers you’re

         likely to face in an audience (e.g., know-it-all's, whisperers, interrupters, etc.)

  • How to Develop a Super Power Memory, e-book on CD.  This is one of the finest memory

         courses available anywhere, by one of the world's foremost authorities on memory. 

         Learn how to remember names, faces, dates, lists, lecture notes -- virtually anything!

         With this e-book you'll be able to memorize your speech or script in minutes instead of

         hours -- guaranteed!

  • Famous Quotes, e-book on CD.  Five hundred quotations to help you add wit and interest to your presentations.

  • A full-color, laminated, step-by-step job-aid for creating any presentation.  Use it as a

         preparation template, a self-assessment tool, or to coach others.

  • A special Boot Camp CD program and companion note-taking guide on  "How to Add Humor to Your  Presentations." (Note: If you don't already understand the critical importance of humor in reaching and influencing your audiences or how to use it effectively, you need to hear this program!)

  • The third edition of, “The Real Secrets of Successful Public Speaking,” my popular self-study guide for speakers who are ready to learn the techniques and strategies that will take their presentation skills to the most advanced level.

If you've read this far I know you have a sincere desire to become a first-rate speaker.  So to

make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of this tremendous training opportunity, for a limited time I'm offering an EARLY ENROLLMENT DISCOUNT: 

Enroll by ________________ and receive a 20% discount off the normal tuition price -- you pay

just $399!

Why am I offering such a significant discount on this  program that's already an amazing deal? 
To be honest, when people register early it helps me in finalizing plans and locking in the contract with the facility where the event is being held, so I can pass the savings on to you. 

Unfortunately, every time I've been able to offer an early enrollment discount for one of my Boot Camps, there have been people who've waited until the last few days to register (which costs me) and thus missed out on the savings.  Don't be one of them!  After ______________,
the regular tuition price will apply -- no exceptions.

Register now!

Enrollment is limited -- reserve your space now! Due to the individualized coaching and hands-on nature of this session, pre-registration is required.  There are only 8 seats available.  Walk-in registrations cannot be accepted for this event.  I encourage you to register today, either by phone or email.  Registrations will be accepted in the order received.

Confirmation:  I will send you a confirmation of your registration by email (you may also request to receive it by USPS).

Workshop schedule:  The day will begin at 8:00 AM and end at 5 PM.  However, I suggest that you arrive at least 15 minutes early so you have enough time to check in and meet your fellow students prior to the start of the training.

Tuition:  $499 per participant covers the cost of the Boot Camp including instruction, all materials, two videotaping sessions and coaching from the instructor with individualized strategies for your personal development as a speaker, and a course certificate of completion. Refreshments are furnished during morning and afternoon breaks and lunch is included. 

Methods of payment:  Tuition can be paid with a personal check or with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover).  The full enrollment fee is due prior to the workshop date.

My money back guarantee:  Participate in my one-day Boot Camp.  Use the materials, study the information and techniques, and receive individualized coaching on your videotaped presentations.  If at the end of the Boot Camp you are not happy with the quality of the instruction or the vast amount of knowledge you’ve gained, your entire enrollment fee will be refunded! In the many years I’ve been in the training business I have never been asked for a refund from any seminar or workshop I’ve conducted.  I’m convinced this is because of the incredible amount of high-value and useable information I pack into every session. 

Deadlines and cancellation:  Registration deadline is ________________.  If for any reason you must cancel, in order to receive a full refund you must give notification no later than 10 days in advance.  Seats that become available due to cancellations will be filled using a waiting list.  If you are unable to cancel by the deadline, you may send someone in your place or, if you prefer, you may apply your payment to a future Boot Camp.

This workshop is tax deductible!  Your workshop expenses – including instruction fee, travel, meals and lodging – are tax deductible according to the Treasury Regulation 1.162-5 Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203 F 2d 307.


                                    Plan now to attend!  Register immediately by 

                                                     calling 847-546-0789 

                                                                  or email:

                                                    Regular price:  $499

                                      Register before _______________:   $399

                   In your email, include your name, phone number, mailing

             address, and indicate whether you wish to take advantage of the

                                                   early enrollment discount.

                     For inquiries or other program information, call 847-546-0789. 

Remember, your Boot Camp tuition includes...

  • 8 hours of detailed instruction and guidance on becoming a dynamic public speaker
  • The Boot Camp participant's guide, including programmed notes for all information,

           tips, and presentation techniques covered in the sessions

  • Individualized coaching and written feedback on two  separate videotaped presentations
  •  The CD program, "How to Master Your Fear of Public Speaking"
  • Special Report #1: “How to Give an Effective Extemporaneous Speech” 
  • Special Report #2:  “How to Read Prepared Text Like a Pro (and not sound like you’re


  • Special Report # 3:  "20 Tips to Improve Your Next PowerPoint Presentation"
  • A quick-reference guide for handling the 11 most common types of troublemakers in an


  • The e-book, How to Develop a Super Power Memory, on CD
  • The e-book, Famous Quotes, on CD               
  • A laminated, full-color, step-by-step job-aid for creating any presentation
  • The third edition of The Real Secrets of Successful Public Speaking
  • The CD program and companion note-taking guide on "How to Add Humor to Your  


  •  Lunch
  •  Certificate of completion

Still undecided? Here's something to think about…

I want to ensure that you make the decision that’s right for you, and that you make an informed decision, so here are a few final thoughts.

The fact that you’ve read this far indicates that you aren't completely satisfied with your current presentation skills.  

However things may be going at the moment, deep down you probably know that you could be a more professional and effective speaker, and that preparing for your presentations should be easier and a lot less stressful.

I'm inviting you to take your presentation skills to a whole new level.  In just one day you can discover how your inability to effectively communicate your knowledge and expertise to others has been holding you back, and what you need to do to gain the reputation for being a polished presenter.

Compare these 8 hours with the months and years you’ve already spent on your education and training.  Isn’t it worth a day to make sure that you are presenting yourself and your ideas in the most professional and effective manner possible?

Here's what one participant wrote after attending a two day Boot Camp a few years ago:

          "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the knowledge

         that you shared during the Public Speaking Boot Camp.   

          "One of the virtual teams I am on just had an assignment to report

          on our findings in front of the other teams, area management etc.

          Normally, I would have been content to do my share or more in

          preparing the presentation, but would have left the speaking part

          to someone else.   Well since your class I've gained more confidence

          in my abilities as well as certain strategies I can use daily so I

          volunteered.  I was probably the 5th person to speak.  Everyone just sat

          around the room and read their PowerPoint slides.  When it came time

          for me, I went up to the front of the room and did a PRESENTATION. 

          Of course there are a few things that could have been improved upon

          (longer eye contact, smiling more), but I wasn't that nervous and have

          since received numerous compliments on the job I did. One manager

          even came up afterwards to tell me that and to say how surprised she  

          was that no one else did that - since it was an opportunity to step up in

          front of leadership and show that you can present effectively.

          "Once again I just wanted to say thank you. Your class really helped me

          and I am looking forward to continue to improve upon the skills learned


          - R.P., Allstate Insurance Company

Many other past participants have taken the time to write and share similar experiences.  This could be you!

Now I'm not going to lie and tell you that all you have to do is sit in the class and you'll become a great speaker -- it's not quite that simple!  After the Boot Camp you've going to have to get up in front of people and practice.  But if you apply the strategies and techniques taught in this intensive workshop, just a few at a time, you'll be amazed at how quickly you progress and the attention you'll attract because of your new found skills.

Perhaps you’re worried about the cost.  Remember that this is an investment.  Maybe you will recoup your investment by attracting new customers; maybe you will recoup it by being assigned to a desirable new project, impressing just the right people in upper management, or landing that perfect promotion or new position.  In any case, you can expect a tangible return on your investment not just in the foreseeable future but over and over again for years to come.

Let me help you to find your unique voice and share your message, whatever it may be, with the rest of the world.  You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this training opportunity -- and you deserve it!  Click here to reserve your place now! 

To your success,
Morris Taylor, Instructor
President, Talisman Training Associates, LLC


About the Instructor, Morris Taylor

     "Morris Taylor is consistently one of the strongest and most effective trainers I’ve ever

     seen…  If the effective delivery of (our) training is like calisthenics, then Morris is the Arnold

     Schwarzenegger of our business.

     - Hal Krause, Chairman and CEO, Crestcom International,

       Ltd. (rated the #1 management/sales training franchise by

      "Entrepreneur International," "Income Opportunities," and

      "Success" magazines), Denver, Colorado

Morris Taylor has been involved in education and training for over 30 years.  He has presented over 1,400 lectures,  seminars and workshops in a variety of civic and corporate environments including Fortune 100 companies, customer service centers, college campuses, and international sales conferences.  He has lectured in various countries in Europe, South America, Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean, as well as throughout the U.S.  Wherever he travels, audiences agree:  His professionalism and expertise place him in the upper echelon of outstanding keynote speakers and trainers! 

As a training consultant, he has coached hundreds of professional men and women to become more effective speakers and presenters.  Several of his recorded lectures  are in international distribution, and he is the author of five books and several training manuals, including “The Real Secrets of Successful Public Speaking.” 

A past member of the National Speakers Association, the American Society for Training and Development, and the International Federation for Professional Speakers, Morris blends expert research with captivating stories and irresistible humor, inspiring audiences to focus on the key issues in  both  their personal and  professional lives and move into action! 

(For more information about Morris Taylor and his company, Talisman Training Associates, visit his web site at 

P.S.    Ask yourself:  How much more successful could you be if you were a dynamic public speaker?  Effective public speaking skills open the doors to greater power and influence!  Gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a dynamic and effective speaker!  Enroll now by calling (847) 546-0789, or email your registration request to!

** If you would like to be notified about upcoming dates for the Public Speaking Boot Camp, send your request to



 How Often Have You Thought to Yourself:
"I Wish I Knew How To Give A Powerful and Effective ​Presentation"?