Motivation and Leadership

Understanding the difference between management and leadership is critical to any organization's success. This workshop teaches the skills and behaviors practiced by effective leaders.

The list of 25 available modules includes:

* The Characteristics of Effective Leadership
* Establishing Rapport and Credibility with  

* Building Trust
* Leading Others Through Change
* Conflict Resolution
* Effective Delegation and Resource

* Giving and Receiving Feedback
* How to Conduct Performance Appraisals
* Dealing with Difficult Employees
And much more!

Class time: The length and format is customized to fit each organization’s precise needs and challenges.  Individual modules range in length from 2- 8 hours.


Professionalism in the Workplace

This workshop explores what it means to be a professional in today's competitive business environment and how to project an image that enhances one's reputation and value in the workplace.

Topics include:
* Maintaining the proper attitude and

* The importance of dress and

   appearance -- guidelines for the

   professional look
* Essential communication skills

* Social etiquette

* Personal resource management

Class time: 4 hours