Managing Change - The Role of Leaders

Change is a constant in today's business environment.  Successful organizations have learned to anticipate, plan for, and grow through the inevitable upheaval and turmoil associated with the change process.  They have also learned that the communications and actions of management during such a process are critical.  This workshop goes beyond coping with change on a personal level and provides a practical roadmap for successfully leading employees, teams, and entire organizations through the challenges and potential pitfalls of change.

Topics include:
* Understanding why employees resist      change
* The 10 characteristics of organizations

   that successfully manage the change

* How to identify and utilize the 4 major

   "players" in the change process: the

   change target, the change agent, the

   change sponsor, and the change

* The 3 stages in planned change and

   how to build them into your

   organizational strategy
* The 7 key questions to address in

   order to successfully implement an

   organizational change

Workshop includes take-away job aids and practice in creating specific action plans.

Class time: 4 hours

Managing Change

Through lectures and experiential learning activities, participants in this workshop learn to recognize and effectively deal with the emotional turmoil and resistance which are natural stages in the dynamic change process, and practice strategies for increasing receptivity and insuring the smoothest possible adjustment.

Class time: 3 hours


How to Make Any Meeting Efficient, Effective, & Worth the Time You Invest in It!

Learn how to refocus your meetings and make them more productive than ever.

Topics include:
* When -- and when not -- to hold a

* The six characteristics of unproductive

   meetings and how to avoid them
* Guidelines for group discussion
* Effective techniques for keeping

   everyone involved
* Group activities to increase creativity

   Tools for reaching group consensus
* How to tell if a meeting is necessary and

   ideas for handling business without

   meeting face-to-face
* Guidelines for one-on-one meetings and

   phone conferencing
Plus: Checklists for taking care of business before, during and after meetings

Class time: This workshop is available in both a four-hour version and a more in-depth

full-day version.