"After lunch we had the incredible and unforgettable 
experience to participate in a presentation by Mr. Morris Taylor.

It is doubtful that anyone walked away from those two hours

unchanged or uninspired to change. His dynamism and the

power of his ideas moved us..."
- S. Eda, Secretary

  Regional Youth Committee of the Midwest

Morris Taylor is a member of the National Speakers Association and the International Federation of Professional Speakers.  He has given keynote addresses around the world in such diverse locations as Guam, the Netherlands, Brazil, west Africa and, of course, the U.S.  In his presentations he blends expert research with real-life case studies, captivating stories and irresistible humor.  The result is a message that entertains and educates but, most importantly, inspires audiences to reexamine their personal and professional lives and move into action!

His popular keynote presentations include:

** How to Create a Magical Career
In this eye-opening and interactive presentation, Morris explains (and demonstrates) how the "stories" we've created in our minds can either hold us back or push us to extraordinary levels of personal and professional achievement.  The importance of accepting total responsibility for one's career development as well as strategies for continuous professional growth are highlighted.  This is the talk clients ask for over and over!

** Coping with Change
Everyone agrees that change is difficult -- but do you understand why and what can be done to make it easier?  In this wonderful presentation, Morris identifies the three personality types that emerge during change, the major stages in the change process, and specific strategies to help individuals and organizations adjust to the upheaval and uncertainty that come with life's inevitable surprises.

** The Value of Responsibility
To create a culture of responsibility within an organization, individuals must first understand the importance of accepting total responsibility for the circumstances of their own lives.  This presentation explores the attitude and behaviors of the responsible individual, and the extraordinary impact such individuals can have on a team or organization.

** Bringing Out the Leader in You!
Morris maintains that there is no such thing as a "born leader".  Leadership is a set of learned skills and behaviors that can be taught.  In this presentation, Morris identifies the most critical leadership practices and shows how anyone can begin to make them a part of  their personality and identity.

** The Power of Goal Setting
Going through life without goals is like trying to hit a bulls-eye on a non-existent target!  Morris explains the importance of having goals, then shows how to set and achieve the kind that will lift you to new levels of confidence and self-empowerment!

 ** 12 Ways to Reduce Stress and Be Happy!
This fun-filled presentation is packed with useful tips and techniques for combating stress both on and off the job, and getting more enjoyment out of your career and your life!

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