Diversity: Our Most Valuable Commodity

A diverse workforce is a challenge within any team or organization; it is
also the most valuable commodity. This customized and highly interactive 
workshop provides the education and skills needed to communicate and 
work effectively in a multi-cultural, multi-racial environment.

 Available modules include:
* The business imperative behind

   diversity education
* The necessity to expand the definition

   of diversity beyond race and gender
* The roots of discrimination
* The impact of culture in the workplace
* Avoiding the pitfalls of stereotypes
* Patterns of behavior and

   communication that promote

   harmonious relationships

Class time: This is a highly-customized workshop designed to fit the needs

of the organization.  Workshop length

varies from 2 - 12 hours.


Maximum Productivity Through Successful Time Management

In just a few hours this course proves that expensive leather schedulers and electronic calendars aren't necessary to master your time and your life.  Learn the secrets behind effective planning, organization and goal setting.

Topics include:
* The 12 key principles of all time

   management strategies
* The best way to establish priorities
* Simplified methods for effective planning
* How to identify and control your peak

   working hours
* Mind Mapping and how to use it as an

   organizational tool
* How to keep notes and records that can be

   accessed immediately -- no more hunting

   for lost or misplaced information
* How to reduce wasted time
* How to create an effective work  

* How to handle other people who waste

   your time
Plus: Participants receive over a dozen sample lists and forms to begin getting organized immediately!

Class time: Available in both half and full-day formats. 

High Performance Coaching

Non-directive coaching has been acclaimed as the perfect tool for
moving people from where they are to where they want to be. Managers,
teachers, parents, clergy -- anyone who wants to help others to help themselves
can benefit from this powerful tool.

 Workshop includes:
* The philosophical foundation of non-

   directive coaching
* Clear explanations and individual

   practice of all the essential skill sets
* Job aids that simplify and accelerate

   the learning process

Class time: One day