The Real Secrets of Successful Public Speaking

This workshop is designed for experienced presenters who are ready to move beyond the basic skills of public speaking. In a few
short hours, participants can learn the tips and techniques used by professionals.

Topics include:
* How to create the proper "tone" in a

* Establishing rapport and credibility
* The secret to maintaining audience

* A step-by-step process for creating

   polished and effective presentations
* The best way to handle troublemakers in

   the audience 
* The keys to influencing and persuading an

* Extemporaneous speaking: A plan for

   thinking on your feet
And much more!

Class time: 4 hours

The Art of Public Speaking

Effective public speaking skills open the

doors to greater power and influence.

This workshop provides the knowledge

and practice needed to deliver polished


 Participants learn:
 * 10 Techniques for overcoming the

   fear of speaking in front of an audience
* How to effectively use the voice,  

   gestures, and body movement to  

   enhance your message
* A six-step process for building a 

   persuasive presentation
* Proven techniques for increasing

   audience receptivity
* The most effective use of visual aids
* How to conduct an effective Question  

   and Answer session
* 12 ways to critique one's own

   performance for continuous 


And much more!

Class time: Available in both one and two-day formats. The two-day format includes 2-3 video recordings and feedback for each participant.


Successful Negotiations

The real world is a giant negotiating table and we are all participants.
Learn to do it well so there are no regrets. This workshop focuses on
"win-win" negotiations that preserve relationships while increasing the
likelihood of achieving one's objectives.

Participants learn:
* How to distinguish between and take

   advantage of the 5 basic negotiating

* The 10 essential guidelines for        

   effective negotiating
* How to prepare for a negotiation
* How to use -- and counter! -- the 15

   most powerful negotiating tactics
Plus: 8 "quick start" strategies and a self-assessment tool for immediate


Class time: Available in both one and two-day formats.